Quorum was not met in August so our Annual Meeting is now scheduled for Tuesday, September 13, 2022 at 8:00pm at the clubhouse. We ask that all residents return their completed and valid ballots to the club by 5:00pm on September 13th or you are welcome to attend the meeting and bring their completed ballot with you.

A completed ballot is one that has been filled out by the homeowner and placed in the small inner envelope then sealed. It becomes valid once the small inner envelope is placed in the mailing envelope, SEALED and the upper left-hand corner of the mailing envelope has the homeowner’s printed name, the property address and their signature. Renters are not eligible to vote. If any renters should receive a ballot packet please contact the club so this important information can be sent to the homeowner as soon as possible.

We need your ballots before September 13th to have quorum so please return your ballot as soon as possible.

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