Clubhouse Pool

Glenbrook Pool

The pool is open weekends only, Oct. 1-15th, noon-6:45pm. The pool closes for the season Oct. 16, 2023.

Make sure you get new club membership cards. It’s important to review the pool policies on our website prior to coming to use the pool. Glenbrook residents that are in good standing and over the age of 14 are eligible to apply for a club membership card.

Renters are required to present a utility bill with their name and Glenbrook address. To apply, fill out the Membership Card Request Form and send it along with your dues payment or drop it off at the club.

Please include all birth dates of members under the age of 18. The homeowner must sign and date the bottom of the form.

Membership cards are not made until you come to use the pool for the first time. Homeowners’accounts must have a zero balance before cards are issued.

You are required to show your membership cards every time you are use the
pool so hook them to your pool bag.

If you should lose your card you will have to pay a $2.00 replacement fee.

Swim Lessons

Glenbrook residents!!!!  Summer swim lessons begin June 12, 2023.  We offer two-week sessions through August 4th.

To get the classes you want make sure to stop by or call to register your child(ren) today.  The swim lesson schedule is available at the club and online brochure (PDF file.) 

Water safety is very important and having your child(ren) learn how to swim will help both you and your child(ren) feel comfortable when they are near any body of water. When it’s hot we swim and when we swim we have to be safe!!!

Please note that we have added some classes to our swim lessons that are listed as “transitional”.

These classes are for students who are almost ready for the next level of swim lessons but haven’t passed all the requirements to move up. The classes will work on the skills they need to graduate to the next class level.

Also, each session has 2 classes per half hour if 2 classes are listed in that specific time. For example: 10:30-11:00 – Polliwog and Guppy.  This means there will be a polliwog class and a guppy class going on at the same time from 10:30-11.  Please read over the swim lesson brochure for skill level and times so we can place your child(ren) in the correct class for their swim abilities.


Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics start in the month of May and will be on Tuesday and Thursdays at 4:40pm. Members $30, non-members $40. The days and time will be updated as we begin the summer season. Ends October 19, 2023.