Ages 1 and older. Learn the fundamentals of water mobility, buoyancy, and enjoyment. Call (714) 529-8002 or visit the Brea Glenbrook Club to register. View a printable brochure here.

Registration Policy:
To enroll in a swim session, payment must be made in full at time of registration. Swim meets are scheduled during the swim session period. If you sign up for a session that includes a swim meet, you will not have lessons on that day and it will be deducted from the total cost upfront.

Glenbrook residents have priority registration for the swim classes May 1st through May 31stAfter May 31st, out of tract people will be taken from the wait list and placed in open registration spots. 

$100 for members, $130 for non members. 1-6 students per class.

2024 schedule:

Class Descriptions:
Tadpole: A water familiarization class. Children work on interacting with the instructor,
blowing bubbles, assisted floating, and assisted kicking.

Polliwog: Children will continue to work on floating and kicking skills. Introduction of arm strokes of freestyle and backstroke. Introduction to side breathing.

Guppy: Continue working on freestyle and backstroke. Perfecting side breathing timing. Introduction to breaststroke, diving, and treading water.

Goldfish: Child must be able to swim 25 yards (length of pool) freestyle with side breathing and 25 yards backstroke. Perfecting breaststroke, diving, and treading water. Introduction to flip turns and butterfly stroke.

Dolphin: An endurance swimming class. Improving rhythm and timing with all strokes. Perfecting flip turns. Diving off the board. Introduction to competitive swim skills.

** Note: Non-members may ONLY be in the pool during class, NOT before or after**

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