1. There is no swim assistance apparatus allowed in either of the Glenbrook pools. This includes life vests, arm floaties, arm bands, and/or water wings!!! Children that can’t swim must be WITH AN ADULT in the big pool and the wader pool.
  2. City of Brea trash cans information:
    A. No person shall place, or cause to be placed, any solid waste, green waste and/or recyclable receptacle therefor, in any public highway or in any place or in any manner other than herein-above provided, or at any time other than the days established by the city for the collection thereof on the particular route involved, earlier than sunset of the day preceding the day designated for collection, and all receptacles shall be removed from the place of collection prior to 10:00 p.m. of the day the receptacles have been emptied.
    • 2. Side yards.
      c. Any storage of materials including but not limited to, trash and trash receptacles, newspapers, building and automotive materials, landscape maintenance tools, and debris, within side yards, shall be substantially screened with a combination of open or solid fencing, and landscaping, or enclosed within an openwork structure such as wood or metal lattice, so as to substantially minimize views as seen from adjacent private and public streets, and public right-of-way (excluding alleys).
  3. Please pick up your dog waste, don’t let your dog run on other residents’ property and keep your dog tethered when they are out with you on your property so they don’t run out when neighbors walk by. Let’s be courteous and mindful of our neighbors.
  4. Residents are only allowed up to 6 guests per household no matter how many cards you have.
  5. Follow the Glenbrook rules for both the pool and the club when you are on the club grounds and/or using the pool. You can find the full list of rules are on our website at www.breaglenbrookclub.com
    Thank you in advance
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