A reminder that Brea City Code states that all trash receptacles must be stored out of site.  That means trash cans have to be put behind a fence at all times except on trash day.  Also, trash cans are to be rolled back out of site by sunset of trash day.

Architectural Control makes monthly inspections of all the homes in Brea Glenbrook and residences that are in violation of the City Codes will receive a letter. Thank you in advance for following the rules for trash receptacles.

Brea City Code for residents

Below are the sections of the code that explain trash receptacle responsibilities in a residential area.

                § 20.208.040  PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS.  Look at Chapter 20.208: R-1 Single Family Residential Zone, Part E: Side Yards; Section2c to read the code for having trash receptacles out of site.

                § 8.28.130  TIME AND DATE OF PLACEMENT  OF RECEPTACLES. Look at  “A” to read the code for when trash receptacles can be out at the curb


  2.   Side yards.

    c.   Any storage of materials including but not limited to, trash and trash receptacles, newspapers, building and automotive materials, landscape maintenance tools, and debris, within side yards, shall be substantially screened with a combination of open or solid fencing, and landscaping, or enclosed within an openwork structure such as wood or metal lattice, so as to substantially minimize views as seen from adjacent private and public streets, and public right-of-way (excluding alleys).


   A.   No person shall place, or cause to be placed, any solid waste, green waste and/or recyclable receptacle therefor, in any public highway or in any place or in any manner other than herein-above provided, or at any time other than the days established by the city for the collection thereof on the particular route involved, earlier than sunset of the day preceding the day designated for collection, and all receptacles shall be removed from the place of collection prior to 10:00 p.m. of the day the receptacles have been emptied.

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