5/1/19 Update: Very excited to announce that all the repairs to the clubhouse will be completed this month

  • New Floors
  • Fresh paint
  • New windows and slider in the multi-purpose room

2/28/19 Update: ServPro has been brought on and dehumidifiers have been running around the clock to dry everything out. They have removed sections of the walls in the main lounge, multi-purpose room, and the office.

The floors in the multi-purpose room and kitchen have been removed and all the carpet in the main lounge will be removed. All of the floors will be replaced. After all the walls have been repaired a fresh new coat of paint will be put on the walls in the multi-purpose room, kitchen and main lounge.

Rain gutters will be installed on Monday, March 4th and the flower bed is being graded so that excess water will flow onto the back patio and away from the building.

Rentals that have been booked will only have access to the game room and the main lounge. The kitchen and multi-purpose rooms are not accessible.

We are very sorry for any inconveniences and appreciate your understanding and patience.

2/25/19 Update: The Clubhouse has sustained water damage from flooding from the recent heavy rains.

New rain gutters will be installed next week, and we’re looking to add drainage to the back patio and grading the flower bed behind the office and kitchen area. If the water can drain away and not sit up against the building that will help prevent any future flooding.  

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