Well the club has been getting some upgrades…it’s about time.

There’s new lighting in the main lounge, game room and multi-purpose room. We got rid of the old track and recessed lighting and replaced it all with new LED recessed lighting. With the new lighting you could really see the walls so that meant we needed a fresh coat of paint. All three rooms are freshly painted and now it’s bright and white everywhere inside the club house!!!!

Another thing that greatly improved the main lounge was the removal of the ancient fire hose cabinet on the wall opposite the kitchen….sooooo much better!!! Residents will no longer have to figure out a way to hide it when they rent the club….HOORAY!!!!

Can’t forget flooring so the carpet in the game room and office will be removed and replaced with the same flooring that’s throughout the rest of the club house. Looks like a whole new place.

Stop by and check it out!!!

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