Cert Drill Great drill on Saturday and as always, we learn what we need to work to improve our preparedness skills. Thank you to everyone who came to the drill…next time I hope to see more of you joining in on the exercises.

Our only defense in an emergency is being able to react without panicking,  and the only way to achieve that is through practicing our skills.

I’m reaching out to all of you to see who wants/needs fire extinguishers.  Each home should have at least two onsite…one in the garage and one in the kitchen.  More is better of course in this situation.

We can get refilled extinguishers for $30.00 or brand new ones for $50.00.  If you want more information or need help with the extinguishers you already have please call (714-529-8002) or email me and I will give you the contact number.

He will deliver all the extinguishers here to the club.

–Nancy Foxhall

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