March Update


2/28/18 Update

The toilets and partitions have been installed, and the countertops are being installed this week.

2/23/18 Update

The exterior doors and baseboards have been installed. Sinks, countertops and faucets have been purchased and will be installed next week. Partitions will be installed next week as well.


2/16/18 Update

We have tile…woman’s room tile laid and grout will be done soon. Both floors are supposed to be finished early next week.


2/9/18 Update

Floors are ready for tile and that will hopefully begin next week.

1/31/18 Update

The bathrooms have been painted, and the floor (cement and tile,) is next on the agenda this week.

1/24/18 Update

We are moving along with the renovations. Lights and fans are in and drywall up. It’s looking better every day.

1/16/18 Update

Plumbing repairs complete and cement gets poured 1/18, where the new clean outs are located. Inside work is scheduled to start on 1/17. The floor will be first and also the biggest challenge.

January 8th photos

January 2nd photos

Due to a root issue, we will be completely renovating the main bathrooms.

With that said, there will be no rentals booked in January and possibly February.

First the plumbing has to be taken care of, then the remodeling can begin.

To accommodate an additional stall in each bathroom the hallway walls inside both bathrooms will be removed. This will allow us to widen the entrance doors and to open the area for a storage cabinet and changing table in each bathroom.

It’s going to be fantastic when it’s completed but an inconvenience while it is in progress. We’ll do our best to get this projected completed as quickly as possible.

We’ll update with photos during and after on this website.

Bathroom plans

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